Dierks Bentley in A Candian Tuxedo! Concert Review – April 1st Club Nokia LA, CA

Dierks is legit because you know he’s down with righteous music. He has collaborated with the likes of Alison Krauss, Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Del McCoury Band, The Punch Brothers – all this tells me he’s down with good music and he’s not just a product of the Nashville cloning music association, but is instead a bitchin’ hybrid of pop-main-stream country coupled with Americanaish-alt-country. Dierks recently brought his goodness to LA April 1st at Club Nokia for the Jagermeister Music Tour. Yes there were Jagermeister promo girls with chaps and little bikinis underneath, yes there were Jagermeister cowboy hats and bandanas for lucky show-goers, but the best site was Dierks and his Canadian Tuxedo (that’s denim on denim folks).

Dierks set was hit after hit, I actually didn’t realize just how many hits he had, but alas he kept me singin’. Usually songs are better live than on the radio, however Dierks seemed a little burnt out – it kinda seemd like he had a case of Siegfried & Roy. That is to say that his every move seemed to have been choreographed by his publicist or something and just didn’t seem very natural. I wanted to some bona fide honest to goodness rockin’, but Dierks just played out the whole “I’m a hot sexy scruffy country music guy who puts my strapped guitar behind my back because that’s extra sexy.” But whatever, the guys been at it for a long time, and I had a good time despite my won-ton judging. And it seemed there wasn’t one person in the venue who wasn’t dancing and singin’ along to every word that rolled off Dierks tongue, and it didn’t even matter if they didn’t know the words cause all the drunk guys were just making noises at the parts they didn’t know. So yeah, Dierks needed to drink a Red Bull, but his pre show coffee primed him enough for a good set.

Check out Dierks at a city near you http://dierks.com/


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