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Country Stars Reveal Their Favorite Thanksgiving Day Traditions

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we celebrate the things that are the most important to us this time of year. To many it is their family and friends, and of course, giving thanks! But more than that, Thanksgiving is all about the FOOD! And according to the Big Machine Label Group, several artists on their roster have definite opinions about what should be served at their Thanksgiving dinner.

Tae Dye of Maddie & Tae has a taste for cranberry sauce. “If there is no cranberry sauce, I will cry. It’s my favorite!” Her bandmate Maddie Marlow says her favorite is her mom’s casserole. “My mom and I make this delicious broccoli and cheese casserole, and it is the bomb dot com! I cannot go Thanksgiving or Christmas without that casserole. And then my mom makes this amazing chocolate pecan pie.”

For Thomas Rhett, it’s all about the dressing. “Every year both parents make a dressing, they’re kinda similar, but I don’t like gravy on my dressing, which is probably the weirdest thing in American culture. But dressing is probably my favorite Thanksgiving dish.”

Chris Carmack, who you know as Will Lexington on ABC’s Nashville, claims Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. “We eat and drink for days at a time,” he explains. “The one thing that Thanksgiving could not be without – it’s not turkey, it’s not stuffing, it’s not cranberry sauce – it’s my Mom’s dip. She makes this dip that probably – you might as well just inject it into your veins. It’s probably taken years off my life already, but it’s a Carmack tradition and it’s a delicious treat.”

RaeLynn, from Team Blake on Season 2 of The Voice, says there are several things she HAS to have on Thanksgiving. “My aunt makes this corn casserole, and it’s the most amazing cheesy thing I’ve ever had in my life, and then also, pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on it. That is just so classic Thanksgiving. Oh, and buttermilk cream pie is amazing, too. So, if I have those three things, it’s just a great Thanksgiving.”

Casserole is also a Thanksgiving staple in the Perry household. Reid Perry of The Band Perry says his sister Kimberly makes a really great sweet potato casserole. “Here’s the trick,” reveals Kimberly. “You know how most sweet potato casseroles either have marshmallows or the sugar little nutty mix on top? Well, I put both of those on there.”

Enjoy and have a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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