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Concert Review: Shania Twain Rocks This Country

And she did it again….Shania totally brought the party to Sioux Falls, SD Wednesday September 23rd and our minds were blown. After waiting 11 years after her last album Up!, Shania is burning down each city on her cross country tour.

The set was incredible with the lights, smoke and fireworks bursting up from the floor. Shania first appeared up from the floor being lifted at least 20 ft in the air on a small podium. Draped in pure sequins Rolling Stones, Shania knew how to engage the crowd immediately.

IMG_5585We were taken right back to the days when you heard Shania on the radio non-stop and you knew all the words to every song. Shania came out strong with her hit Rock this Country. She followed up strong with Honey I’m Home, You Win with my Love and then totally brought it with Who’s Bed have your Boots Been Under. At this point she had 2 pairs of Neon boots tapping right along on the large video screens.

At one point while singing, Shania hopped into a cart and was pushed around the entire Denny Sanford Premeire Center. While singing she was greeting fans and waving. The crows went crazy as she came right down to them.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been up here and I really missed it,” Twain said from the stage. “When you don’t do something for a long time you lose your confidence. But I’m back.”

She then literally got in a saddle that was connected to a crane that came out of the stage and she delivered her 2002 single “Up.” You could not take your eyes off of her.

IMG_5586This is apparently Twain’s final tour. She wants to go home and finish her new record, some of which the audience got an acoustic taste of at last night’s show, settling into a three song acoustic set with, Today is Your Day, my personal favorite, No One Needs to Know, and her smash hit, You’re Still The One. A large red curtain came down around the stage and everyone else exited. Shania knew exactly how to hold the crowd in the palm of her hand with just her voice and her guitar.

But it was the encore, the one we had to wait what felt forever for, that brought down the house.

Shania also recently celebrated her 50th birthday and let me tell you, she looks better than ever. She is not only rocking this tour but she is ROCKING everything at 50!!

If you get the chance do NOT miss this tour. Shania knew what was up about men, girl friends, and life way before we ever realized.

For more tour information and to see if Shania is coming to a town near you, visit her website or follow her at Facebook and Twitter.


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