Chris Lane Talks Breaking Bad, Selena Gomez and His Future in Country Music.

Country Music Pride writers and North Carolina’s next musical superstar Chris Lane recently exchanged in some questions, answers, and a few laughs via email.  Below is what we found from the upcoming Country singer himself.

Your first single fix has some R&B influence.  You also recently did a cover of R&B artist Mario’s Let Me Love You.  Do you think Country Music is close to breaking into a heavier R&B direction?

I think Country is expanding just like other genres are.  A lot of artists have influences outside of Country and I think you are seeing it show up in the music they make.

You had posted a photo on Instagram of yourself about to perform in your hometown music venue.  What was that moment like?

Any time I get to go home and perform in front of the people that have supported me from the start, it is always special.

Your hit single ‘Fix’ hit the No.1 spot. There is a Breaking Bad reference with the  “Walter White high” line.  Are you a viewer of the show? 

I have had to do some catching up on Breaking Bad.  What a great show!

How was having a real life proposal on the set of your music video shoot?

I loved the idea when they first brought it to me.  I think the song deserved a real life love story, so I’m glad it all worked out!

You’ve said that Keith Urban is to credit for your inspiration to pursue music.  Keith Urban aside, who has had the biggest influence on your music?

There are too many to name. I’ve pulled on artists from almost every genre.  I listen to just about everything. I think that shows up in my sound.

Have you received feedback from artists whom you regard in high value?

When I heard that Selena Gomez liked ‘Fix’.  It shocked me that the song had traveled that far – because I am a huge Selena fan.

What can fans expect next from Chris Lane?

Hopefully a big 2017.  I will be on a great tour next year and I can’t wait to announce those plans. Stay tuned!

In regards to your Snapchat ‘snaps’, which filter is your favorite?

Probably my ‘Christina’ filter.  I get a lot of laughs out of that one!

What is one fun fact your fans may not know about you?

I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning.  One might say a clean freak!

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