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Chris Cagle Dishes on Family, Career, & His New Album – Interview

After only one day, Chris Cagle’s new album, “Back in the Saddle,” has already shot to #1 on the Amazon country charts. Cagle has not strayed away from discussing his absence from the music scene over the last several years, using the time to reset his priorities and focus on his family life.  CMP recently talked with Chris about family, career and the importance of his new album as it relates to both.

CMP: How significant is the album title “Back in the Saddle” for you, personally and professionally?

CC – It fits professionally, it’s significant for me personally. It says it all, it’s where I am in my life. I’m back in it, I’ve got both feet in the stirrups and I’ve got a good seat.

CMP: How has your career changed for you since the release of your fourth album, My Life’s Been a Country Song?

CC – After that album, I quit. Now I’ve got a new platform, a new record company, and a new album coming out. It’s changed immensely.

CMP: One of the songs you penned yourself was “Dance Baby Dance,” which follows a father realizing his little girl is growing up.  What is the most important lesson you want to teach your own daughters?

CC – I want to give them every opportunity to have an education, I want them to make their own living, I want them to provide for themselves, I never want them to feel stuck, or like they have to stay with a man to feel taken care of…and I want them to find somebody to treat them like they deserve to be treated. Basically, the most important thing I can teach them is…their independence and their self-worth

CMP: Another one of your own songs, “Now I Know What Mama Meant,” was inspired by your wife. What role does she play in your career?

CC – Well, she doesn’t. She’s my wife and my buddy. My wife knows that when I go on the road, I go to work. I bust my butt and everything I do, I’m doing to get back home to her and the kids. I’ll call her up and say ‘I’m tired’ and I’m this and I’m that. She’ll tell me to ‘suck it up, cowboy.'”

Fan Question: Have you ever done anything “Chicks Dig It”-style crazy to impress a girl? – Sarah, GA

CC – “I learned a long time ago, at a very young age, that less is more. The women you impress by doing crazy stuff aren’t the women you probably want. The women that are impressed by character and a moral compass, that’s the girl you want to know.”


Read CMP’s review of “Back in the Saddle” here:

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