Carrie Underwood “Carnival Ride” Arista

by LK

Get your tickets and hold on tight for the Carnival Ride tour, featuring Grand Ole Opry inductee and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood! The tour stopped to play at the Dow Arena in Saginaw, MI, gathering a variety of fans ranging from the young to the young at heart. Underwood’s mass appeal, springboarded by Idol success, has allowed her to bridge the country gap and draw listeners from all musical circles. Her collection of positive, inspirational lyrics lends itself to the perfect outing for fans of all ages, as was evidenced by the large number of families in attendance.

Underwood performed all of the hits that have launched her to fame, from the moving “Jesus Take the Wheel” to the ex-girlfriend anthem “Before He Cheats” with her amazingly strong and powerful vocals. Concertgoers will be witness to the star power that launched her to fame from obscurity – you’ll be hard pressed to find pipes to rival Underwood’s. In addition to old favorites, Underwood also performed songs from her new album, Carnival Ride. Fans of “Some Hearts” will particularly enjoy “Crazy Dreams” and “Get Out of This Town” with their rolling melodies and bubbly beats. Perhaps the sequel to “Before He Cheats” is the edgy “Last Name” which finds the resident good girl amidst a Vegas hookup. Overall, a great presentation of what promises to be a successful second album for Underwood.

Partnering with Underwood for the Carnival Ride Tour is Josh Turner, a handsome Southern man with a deeply irresistible voice. Like Underwood, Turner is also promoting his new album, and played a number of new tunes along with his established chart-toppers. The rhythmic “Firecracker” has already lit up the charts and songs such as the ballad “Another Try” featuring Trisha Yearwood promise to follow closely behind. His soulful, soothing crooning was the perfect introduction to the more upbeat tunes of Underwood. The Carnival Ride Tour promises an evening of most impressive vocal talent that transcends the barrier of country music and successfully showcases the two phenomenons.

Carnival Ride
Carnival Ride


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