Bro-hemian Rhapsody

Brian Kelley, the slightly less douchier half of bro-country pinnacle Florida Georgia Line, and his wife Brittney, have ventured into the fashion world with Tribe Kelley.

The bohemian chic inspired clothing brand focuses mostly on women’s tops and pants but features ball caps and jewelry as well.

The line will make it’s public debut during Nashville’s CMA Music Fest on June 11. A temporary vendor will be set up by the Lucchese Bootmaker shop from 12-4pm where Brittney will be onsite modeling select pieces.

On the Tribe Kelley website Brittney writes, “Both Brian and I are blessed enough to be modern day nomads, venturing out to experience all walks of culture and vogue.”

Wow. It sounds like Brian Kelley is pretty well travelled and versed in diversity. It definitely shows in his duo’s wri…writ…writing.

I’m sorry. I had a hard time even typing that with a straight face.

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