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Billy Ray Cyrus To Perform On NBC’s “TODAY” May 25

The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer will be making an appearance as well as performing on NBC’s “Today” on Thursday May 25th.

Cyrus will be connecting with fans with a new reggae infused version of the hit song as he celebrates it’s 25th anniversary.  The new version will feature Latin superstar Jencarlos Canela, which is now available for purchase.

The singer has released countless versions of “Achy Breaky Heart” in it’s 25 years of success, but this version is not quite like anything else.  Latin Billboard raved the song saying, “The unprecedented collaboration between the pair is getting reimagined.”

On celebration of the 25th year anniversary of the song, Cyrus reflects on how the world received the song.

When the song was released 25 years ago, the world was very divided,” the singer said.  “Perhaps 25 years later it might be even more divided so through the magic of a little song, people can come together for just a moment to dance and sing and celebrate life, that’s all that matters.”

Jencarlos Canela was excited to be given the chance to record with Cyrus.

It’s a song that has transcended cultures and generations,” he said.  “It was an honor to be in Nashville, invited by Billy Ray Cyrus and the team.  I’m more country than people think.  One of my favorite moments in the studio was when Billy Ray said to me, “son you’re not Elvis – you’re Elvicool!”  We laughed so much and there was also the unforgettable moment when Billy gave me his leather jacket from when Achy Breaky Heart had just come out.  I knew I was holding a piece of American history and I now own it.  Maybe 25 years from now I’ll pass it down to someone.”

“Achy Breaky Heart” was originally released in 1992 and quickly took the world by storm.  It became a chart topping hit around the world and made a kid from Flatwoods, Kentucky a superstar.  The song helped kick off the 90’s line dance phase and is undoubtedly one of they most history-making songs in all of country music.

Cyrus will continue his media blitz appearance on the “Today Show” on May 25th after appearing on “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Insider,” HLN’s “MichaelLA,” Dish Nation,” “,” “Song Talks with Richard Marx,” “Yahoo Music’s “Backspin,” and “Young Hollywood.”

For more information on Billy Ray Cyrus, visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Katrina Branson

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