Big $ Rich & Proxima Brands Announce Launch Of GIT Big $ Rich Casino

Multi-platinum award-winning superstar duo Big $ Rich and Proxima Brands announce the launch of the GIT Big $ Rich Casino.  The free casino-style game is available on all digital app stores and offers loyalty points that will earn them unique Big $ Rich gear and even a chance for a VIP experience to a concert.

Download the game here and start playing…

Let’s play.  We are excited about the debut of our casino game and want everyone to GIT Big $ Rich coins that will have you playing our game for hours and hours.  We look forward to meeting the player that wins the ‘Meet Big & Rich’ contest, too.  Now, go get this sucker and let’s rock that spin button,” says Big & Rich’s Big Kenny.

Proxima Brands has a very solid track record with building quality gaming apps and the extension of this game echoes the energy and flow of the Big & Rich brand.  Recently, Proxima Brands launched several popular social media gaming apps featuring music legends George Strait, Alabama and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

This is all about giving fans a chance to have fun with Big $ Rich,” says Proxima Brands Managing Partner- Entertainment Brand Strategy Paul Zamek. “ Their personalities shine through in the game. We look forward to getting Big $ Rich merchandise out to loyal players, and look forward to announcing our first backstage meet & greet winner,” he added.

Watch Big Kenny and John Rich discuss the game here!

Big & Rich have made a career of being relatable and musically relevant since exploding into the public consciousness in 2003 as the rarest of breeds—true country music game changers. With 2004’s triple-platinum Horse of a Different Color, they were able to tap into the best strands of a wide spectrum of popular music, filter them through their pens and voices and produce a sound that is instantly recognizable, if not classifiable.

For a complete list of tour dates and to learn more about Big and Rich visit their website at


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