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Big & Rich Appear On ABC’s The Bachelor

Coming off the heels of 2014’s album, Gravity, and smack in the middle of a nationwide tour, hit making country duo Big&Rich are never too busy to squeeze in a television appearance. Usually for a performance, awards show, or to plug an upcoming release. This time, the innovative country crooners showed us that music is not the only business they are in. John Rich and Big Kenny are also in the business of love, according to an appearance last night on ABC’s The Bachelor.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the two showed up to play professor on a special group date in which they tested the bachelorette’s music knowledge. Professor’s of looove.

This year’s 19th edition of The Bachelor features Chris Soules, or “Prince Farming” as he has been called.  I am suspicious that nicknamed originated with his “male fans”.

When a farmer and wealthy businessman from Iowa sets out to look for love, who better to shoot that seductive arrow than the men who brought us Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.   In Chris’ place, that is, looking for true love on a tv show in front of millions of viewers, why not recruit a few country singers to ladle that lewd libation of love. (That’s some alliteration of love)

With 19 seasons under their belt ABC seemingly tapped into our own intrinsic necessity to find that special someone. They must be doing something right. Or something just wrong enough to hold the attention of the viewing populous.

The program culminated with a performance by Big&Rich. I have championed John and Kenny for a while now. Go back and check out this review of Gravity.

Get all your Big&Rich info at and follow Chris Soules adventures in love Here.

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