Avett Brothers – Win 2 tickets WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

First let me say that those responses were unbelievable, and I really enjoyed reading through them. So the winners are;

1st – Shana Ferguson (2 free tix to any Avett show and a copy of I & Love & You once it is released)

2nd- Matt Goold (a copy of I & Love & You once it is released)

Thanks to everyone who wrote an entry.

As many of you may very well know from all of the hype surrounding Rick Rubin’s latest project, the Avett Brothers forthcoming major label debut “I and Love and You” is set to hit the streets September 29, and we are pleased to announce that the good people at Columbia records have offered CountryMusicPride.com 2 tickets to any Avett Brothers show of your choice as well as a copy of the new record to those whom we choose.

First place – 2 tickets for an Avett Brothers show of your choice. A copy of “I and Love and You”

Second Place – A copy of “I and Love and You”

How to win?

All you need to do to win this Avett Brothers contest is to email info@CountryMusicPride.com a sentence or two or three on why you think the Avett Brothers are worthy to become, and will probably end up being, a household name.

Have at it patriots!

Contest ends this FRIDAY the 4th.

Feel free to post your submission below in the comment section if you’d like (the more people are into your comment, your chances of victory are better)


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18 Responses

  1. Feel free to copy your submission here in the comment section.

    Here are some good ones we’ve seen so far;

    i think the Avett Brothers are worthy to become, and will probably end up being, a household name because i have yet to see a band that has passion, energy, and truth behind their music that can connect on a basic level with every human emotion that has ever been and will ever be.

    _________ <---thats the bottom line Its really pretty simple....honest, loyal and true. The Avett Brothers have worked hard to have arrived at this point in their career. The backbone has always been, and will always be those three powerful words. Honest, loyal and true! Young people today have grown up in a world characterized by fear, uncertainty, and above all, cynicism. The best pop culture has been able to offer in response is ... irony. Well, enough of that. Irony keeps us distant. The Avett Brothers bring us in close again, close to what's real, to honesty, to family, to friendship. Three words that became hard to say ... the brothers are helping us speak them again.

  2. I have never encountered a band that has moved as many people from my generation like The Avett Brothers have. They have poured their hearts out and revealed pieces of their soul that one usually only finds in the most intimate of relationships. They are a band that has made their mark on the hearts of those that have encountered them, and they are sure to make their mark on a whole new market with their latest release.

  3. There are many reasons to love a band: honest and relatable lyrics that alternately bring you joy and break your heart, music that is transcendental, achingly beautiful voices and harmonies, and energetic life-altering live shows, to name a few. The Avett Brothers are one of those rare bands for whom all of these elements and more come together. I am nothing short of thankful every single day that I am lucky enough to live in a world where I can hear their music and there is nowhere that I am happier than when I am at one of their shows–once the rest of the world discovers them, there is no stopping them.

  4. So I heard you want to know why The Avett Brothers will become a household name?
    Let’s start by saying that they are unparalleled in todays age of song writing. This might be surprising to some, but that’s not even a hyperbole. For them to be able to pump out album after album with literally no duds on each record is something that will be looked back on and be quite an astonishing fact. I am confident that my children will listen to The Avett Brothers in the same way I listen to The Beatles. It is pure, honest, and unbelievable song writing. In addition to their knack for writing and crafting songs, they have the musicianship to match, guaranteeing an enjoyable listen time after time.
    The Avett Brothers are the only band that can demand such a wide selection of emotions from me. This music is real.

  5. While we can name a plethora of adjectives describing the greatness of the Avetts, all of these words root back to a single one: genuine. The Avetts genuinely care about their music, genuinely care about their family, and genuinely care about their fans. And their expression of our gratitude materializes through simple and genuine lyrics that speaks to the deepest realm of a person: their soul. Their indescribable lyrics shake the foundation of our human emotions, emotions like joy, guilt, fear and love. The Avett Brothers is the only band that can make me cry, smile, and rejoice within a single song.

    The Avetts will be known on every street corner because they defy and demolish the musical labels such as folk, rock and bluegrass and unite them all under a new and refreshing genre of music never before seen. Because the Avetts are so uniquely genuine to us, I consider them not merely a band, but family. So I shall conclude my monologue extending an invitation to join our family, the Avett family, where “we came for salvation, we came for family, we came for all thats good thats how we’ll walk away!”


  6. If the people in our society truly worthy of respect and admiration were famous instead of the various over-exposed “stars” who dominate the cultural consciousness, the Avett Brothers’ music would be on everyone’s tongues.

    Why? Their songs readily acknowledge pain, sadness, and death, yet instead of despairing in the face of darkness and difficulties, this music transcends the heartbreaking nature of life on this earth and finds joy in love, be it love of family, friends, or a pretty girl. Coming from less talented or less sincere bands, such sentiments would merely be sugary rhymes, of no real use to anyone. Yet because the Avett Brothers genuinely believe in the words they sing (as evidenced by the energy of their awe-inpsiring, life-affirming shows), the songs’ sentiments become a much-needed balm of honesty and goodness in a world beset by cynicism, apathy, and fear.

    In a digitalized world full of communication devices which only push people farther away from each other, listening to the Avett Brothers’ music prompts one to remember what it is to be human–to love messily and deeply, to dance for the sheer joy of moving, to make mistakes, to feel the strangeness and heartache of time’s passing, and above all, to revel and wonder in the most powerful of emotions, love.

  7. How do you cope with an age of fear, uncertainty, and cynicism? Pop culture has offered young people little more than ironic distance and a smirk. The Avetts speak to a felt need: to reconnect with what’s real, what’s true, what’s simple. Family. Friendship. Passion. And those three words that have become hard to say.

  8. No matter how distant people get from each other or themselves, there is a simple essence that brings us together. Sincere passion. The kind the Avett Brothers share. They manage to connect to every feeling, even ones that haven’t been surfaced in years, sheltering listeners of every type in a house of genuinity. Their intellegently personal songs can draw anybody in and shoot a good dose of satisfaction that will get anybody into a Dancin Daze or a teary trance. With intimate lyrics that make you feel they are part of your household, they will become a household name for years to come. Their tales of family, true love, and heartbreak can take us all for a ride.

  9. It is very likely that The Avett Brothers are some of the most talented men in the music industry these days. Not only can they play all of their instruments well, but they can sing with elegance and (unlike a majority of musicians these days) write with such a degree of passion that your knees might start to ache right in your seat. Music is the thing that makes many of out lives better and hearing something that sends chills clear across my back and down my arms is what keeps my heart beating. The Avett Brothers give me hope when I am sad and help me know how to find joy when things get dark. I just dont think that there is a way for someone to not fall in love with these men and that is why they are destined for musical success and are beyond worthy to become.

  10. You have asked us, we as the average people, the fans, the listeners, song writers, musicians and Avett fans to use a few sentences as why the Avett Brothers will become a household name? Well, I’m not going to use a bunch of words that I’m not sure how to spell, or ones that people have to look up the meaning…maybe I don’t know the real meaning but I’m going to say what first comes to my mind. The Avett’s already are a household name. They are in my household, my friend’s households, and even with the guy working at the video store (true story)….so you ask me why do I think they’ll become a household name, and I say…. because they already are and I’m hanging on to see just how far they go!!!!

  11. In an industry ruled by cookie cutter conformity, radio ready, packaged personas and one hit wonders, the Avett Brothers are the real deal. Despite the fact that they defy description in terms of established music genre’, they have carved their way into peoples hearts with their seemingly endless touring, their pounding stage presence, their god-given talent, and their ability to churn out some of the most genuine, smart and heartfelt lyrics to have ever slain my ears, not to mention their respect and appreciation for their fans. These boys souls are deep way beyond the age of their skin and the message they send touting the virtues of family, loyalty, truth, love and the expression of honest emotion is one that every one longs to hear!
    P.S. And they ain’t hard to look at either! : )

  12. The Avett Brothers will be a household name just as common as he Beatles because simply put, they play amazing music. They put their heart and soul and entire being into each and every song and that emotion comes through tenfold when you hear them. They sing about love and truth and hate and anger, but no matter what the subject you know it is real. They seem to have their feet on the ground and heads in the clouds. They are very grounded individuals always remembering where they came from, how they started, and realizing that at any point it all could be pulled out from under them, but at the same time are going wherever the music takes them and are always dreaming up the next lyric. Their music, for me, gives me a sense of being that no matter where you are in life, everyone experiences many of the same things, and that the only thing that sepaates each of us is how we react to them. That being said I have never heard such amazing lyrics that tug at my heart strings in literally every direction possible with each song, and even within a song. I feel that their music gives everyone hope, you don’t have to sing about drugs and sex and curse every other word to make music, you can simply sing about things people will understand and put it to some great beats and you will make an impact.

  13. The Avett Brothers will become a household name because they are beautiful lyricists, talented musicians, honest people, and it is obvious that they are grateful for the opportunity to share their gifts with the world. Their energy, passion, and love fills every room they play while casting a wonderful spell on anyone lucky enough to be in attendance. They are a breath of fresh air.

  14. I did not realize the contest ended last week. I understand that my submission will probably not be considered, but I share it anyway.

    I’m entering this contest in order to win tickets to a show for my brother and his wife, who have never heard of the Avett Brothers, let alone see them live. I haven’t spoken to my brother in several months – we were once very close, but have grown apart recently and cannot see eye to eye on a number of issues. It’s my hope that I will send him these tickets, and he will go to the concert, and, upon hearing their music, his heart will open to me and we can find some common ground.

    The reason why the Avetts should – and probably will – become a household name is because they are the only band that I know of that would make this scenario even remotely possible.

  15. How The Avett Brothers Stake their Claim in American Hearts

    The Avett Brothers have captivated the emotions of many in the simple lyrics of their songs. The melodies that they weave resound with the soul of life experience and the passion of a constant quest. I believe TAB will be a household name, not becasue they have earned their place through years of hard work and applied talent, although that is true. I believe they will be known and remembered for the emotional resonance they provide for so many people through their music.

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