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Aaron Tippin – Interview

Just because he promotes a healthy lifestyle doesnʼt mean Aaron Tippin doesnʼt cheat every now and then. “Iʼll jerk a piece of pizza out of your hand,” the singer admits chuckling. Heck, heʼs only human, and he knows you are too. Thatʼs why he created and developed Aaron Tippin Nutrition, a product line designed to promote weight loss, boost energy, and slow the aging process. There is no denying Aaron is fit, healthy, strong, and yes, very easy on the eyes. While he canʼt share his good looks gene with you, he is stepping up to inspire and offer you the secrets to his physical success, healthy attitude and lifestyle. Country Music Pride caught up with the country boy as he was working on his tractor at his Tennessee home.

Country Music Pride: You talk about helpling people change their lifestyle. Define what you mean?

AT: I hope that doesnʼt sound like a bad word to a lot of people. You just need to change a few things in your life. Youʼre not asking people to stop breathing, ya know. You just ask them to quit smoking (laughs). Heck, I think I enjoy most of the things in life because I workout. That way I can enjoy a few other things in my diet. Thatʼs something I hope will inspire people. So for people that have come to a point in their lives and said, ʻMan I need to lose a few pounds and need to get in shape. My doctor is on me about my cholesterol.ʼ Well, this is the time to do it.

Country Music Pride: Aaron Tippin Nutrition consists of five different supplements. How is each one different?

AT: Everything you see on there are things I use. Like the Carb Buster, I like a piece of pizza just as much as anyone else, but man I want to try and keep away adverse effects. The Daily Defense Anti-Aging formula, man alive, Iʼm just in love with that stuff. When I wake up in the morning I feel rejuvenated. I sleep great at night. Thea says I donʼt snore anymore (laughs).

Country Music Pride: Halleluia!

AT: Iʼm telling you itʼs some awesome stuff. Carb Buster goes with your diet. Itʼs a great thing to add to the Acai Energy Diet. I carry it with me everywhere. They are in my fanny pack everywhere I go. When I’m having carbs like a pizza, I use emʼ.

Country Music Pride: Iʼve heard a lot about the acai berry, and itʼs part of your product line. Why is it so beneficial to take?

AT: Thereʼs so much research on it. Go to the internet click on acai, and see what comes up on it. Iʼm convinced, itʼs an amazing thing. Every day I do the Acai 4 Cleanse because I believe in it so much. I donʼt recommend jumping out and taking all five. I donʼt think you know what really works for you until you take it one at a time. If it s a weight issue, you might want to try Acai Energy Diet. If you want to detoxify, you might want to try Acai 4 Cleanse. If youʼre at my age, thereʼs nothing like a good nightʼs sleep, itʼs the Daily Defense Anti-Aging formula.

Country Music Pride: The true test I imagine is when youʼre off the supplements. Do you feel completely different?

AT: Oh yes, if I donʼt do my anti-aging Iʼm sluggish two or three days later. And also if I donʼt do my acai cleanse, thatʼs one thing Iʼm hip on. Thatʼs because it cleans your liver, lungs, and kidneys. Itʼs important. I do feel different every time Iʼm off it. Iʼm pretty religious, believe me (laughs).

Country Music Pride: How long have supplements been an important and viable part of your routine?

AT: When it comes to supplements, you’re talking to a guy that was a natural bodybuilder for the past 25 years. When I first started doing natural bodybuilding, I was into amino acids, proteins, and herbs to the point I would go buy amino acids and proteins by the kilos and mix my own formula. My second job when I was in Nashville was selling vitamins to everyone on Music Row. Itʼs nothing new to Aaron Tippin, Iʼm just getting back into it. I was taking supplements at 25 and hope Iʼm taking emʼ at 90.

Country Music Pride: You and your wife [Thea] are a team on this, I bet she keeps you in check.

AT: Sheʼs the food police. Sheʼs quit an inspiration. She came into our family with a healthy eating lifestyle. I came from the deep south where you fried everything including popsicles. Thatʼs an adjustment. I try to eat healthy and there are times I canʼt do it. We make sure to workout. We do an hour together every sing day. As soon as we take kids to school we go to the gym and get it done.

Country Music Pride: Food is the tricky part most of the time. Whatʼs a typical menu like for you?

AT: Breakfast is a big bowl of oatmeal. Itʼs how I start my day, every day. Then I hit the gym. After that I get a protein shake and throw that down with my supplements. Around lunch time if Iʼm hungry Iʼll go get me a sweet peanut butter sandwich. I love peanut butter, itʼs my candy. Then later maybe Iʼll go drink a V-8 to hold me over.

Country Music Pride: OK, but on a bad day what canʼt Aaron Tippin resist?

AT: Iʼll jerk a big pizza out of your hands! Iʼm not holy, by any means. I fall off the wagon as fast as anyone.

Country Music Pride: And Thea takes care of dinner?

AT: Usually, but last night we had the Tippin boy pancake cook off. We made whole wheat pancakes. We had pancakes with water mixed up in it and no cholesterol and no sugar.

Country Music Pride: Well, youʼre website ( is great especially the bloopers (laughs). I recommend people check out that part of the site for a good chuckle for sure!

AT: Thanks (laughs) It was a lot of fun.

Country Music Pride: People that have followed your career know youʼre in shape, strong and easy on the eyes too! So, certainly you hope theyʼll listen to what you have to say now.

AT: Theyʼve been singing along to my songs for years, and hereʼs another way to sing along with Aaron. Be a part of this too. I got a new saying, live longer itʼs the best revenge.

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