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Proof That Lee Brice Is the Sweetest Man in Country (Thanks to “Walmart Soundcheck”)

I just got finished watching Walmart’s Soundcheck with Lee Brice and I feel like I made a new friend. After watching it I’ve realized a few reason’s why Lee Brice is legit, watch the video and let me know if you agree:

  1. Lee Brice writes many of his own songs… In this day of modern music, most “artists” don’t do that (that song “I Don’t Dance”, you know the one that you love and the title track of his new album, yup, he wrote that himself.)
  2. Its clear from the interview that Lee Brice’s priorities are his wife and two boys – no lip service here, you can tell the guy is smitten by his family. In the world of country music stardom, to which Lee belongs, its easy to get all caught up in “road dogging it ” (as Lee puts it), but alas, this good ol boy is indeed a genuine good ol boy.
  3. Lee Brice is humble. I usually don’t like watching interviews with mega stars as they end up coming off ultra smug and its obvious that they are extremely in love with themselves, but Lee Brice is a different breed. Im not sure if its his upbringing, his worldview, or what, but Lee Brice is a good dude. Someone please buy his mama a beer and tell her “well done”.
  4. Lee Brice is an artist. He’s been working on “I Don’t Dance” for two years. He whittled the album down from 150 songs, then to 50, then to 16. He consumed himself with not just the songs themselves, bu the order of the 16 songs, he wants it to be cohesive and flow: while some “artists” just hop in the studio, hammer out the songs (that they usually didn’t write), and then pose for the camera, but Lee Brice has concerned himself with, and has exchanged hours of sleep so that the order of the songs on the album land on our ears just right.
  5. “Whiskey Used to Burn” might be the best song I’ve heard in 5 years (its number 4 of 8 on the Walmart Soundcheck video). Please do yourself a favor and go listen to it now (and naturally, Lee Brice wrote it himself).

All that to say Lee Brice writes some great songs, he seems to be a great guy, and I think Im gonna go watch the video again. Big thanks to Walmart Soundcheck for making this video available to us.


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