Australia’s McClymonts make their American debut Aug. 17

Australian trio the McClymonts are making their American debut on Aug. 17 when they release their certified gold Australian album, “Chaos and Bright Lights,” in the United States. Recorded in Nashville, sisters Brooke, Mollie and Sam worked with record producer Adam Anders, who has also worked with artists like the Backstreet Boys, Shania Twain and Nick Jonas. The McClymonts have won Best Group three years in a row from the Australian Country Music Association Awards, and their latest video for “Save Yourself” can be viewed here. Country Music Pride snagged some of Mollie’s time to chat about touring with Jason Aldean, their debut album and sisterly gossip.

CMP: What’s the story behind your musical start?
M: Brooke has always sang. She led the way with going in talent quests, picking up the guitar and teaching Sam and I harmonies. A friend saw her singing at our house and put her in her first talent quest, she came 2nd and hasn’t stopped since. We then followed behind her and started singing together in the group sections. We then got a record deal, went on tour, started making albums and headlining our own tours.

CMP: Growing up, who did you look up to the most as artists?
M: The Judds, Dolly Parton, ABBA

CMP: What’s it like to work with your sisters all of the time? Do you ever fight?
M: We are like most siblings; yes we fight, but we are over it in two seconds. We laugh a lot and, when we succeed, we celebrate together, which is the most amazing feeling!

CMP: What do you think about Nashville so far?
M: We love Nashville! We have been to this city quite a bit, we never get sick of the honky tonks.

CMP: What’s it like to tour around with Jason Aldean?
M: It’s a dream come true to be supporting one of America’s biggest country stars. He’s down to earth, and a lovely guy.

CMP: If you could tour with anyone who’s hot right now, who would it be, and why?
M: Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood … the list is endless! They all have great songs and incredible voices.

CMP: What do you want your fans to take away from your debut album?
M: We write all of our own songs, so it’s reflective of our personalities. Its a bit cheeky, fun and light hearted.

CMP: Do you have a favorite song to perform?
M: My Life Again, it’s high energy and a bit of a chick anthem.

CMP: Any inside gossip you can share?
M: Brooke chews her hair constantly, Sam is hopeless with directions and I get a rash on my chest when I am really nervous!

CMP: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to the group on stage so far?
M: Brooke wore a wig one gig because she didn’t want to do her hair … but there was a huge wind throughout the whole gig, so she performed with her head down so it wouldn’t fly off.


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