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What To Expect At New England Country Music Festival

Kenny Chesney

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Perhaps the one good thing stemming from a summer’s end is the New England Country Music Festival.

Every summer for nearly a decade, country megastar Kenny Chesney has brought his traveling country circus concert to Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium to entertain his No Shoes Nation.  From August 26th to August 27th, Chesney will bring his Spread the Love Tour into Massachusetts with plans to tear the place down – in front of a capasity crowd – performing an array of hits from his early days like ‘She Think’s My Tractor’s Sexy’ to his most recent work in ‘Noise’.  There is no better way to transition the closing summer to the start of fall than Kenny Chesney’s annual end of summer bash.  Over time, the production has blossomed from a stadium concert into a large scale social gathering – here’s what to expect from this year’s New England Country Music Festival.

Wild New England Tailgate Parties

Tailgate Party

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The party that flows into Foxboro exceeds just Gillette’s parking lot.  Route One in Foxboro hosts groups of country music fans sharing grills and cheering drinks for miles circulating the venue.  In years past, it was no surprise to see shirtless cowboys lassuing imaginary animals  from the roof of a pickup truck.  This year is expected to be no different.  As the country fanbase expands so does the creativity of it’s loyal parking lot patriots.  Who knows what we’ll see this time around?  Check back to see what kind of shinnanigans we found.

Patriots Pride

Patriots Pride

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Speaking of patriots, Gillette Stadium is home to the New England Patriots.  The NFL’s most polarizing team shares its stadium with serious country music fanatics this time of year.  Expect to see lots of ‘Free Brady’  tank tops along with a possibility of record shattering tight end Rob Gronkowski…doing Gronkowski things.

Stars Align.

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Wether its Kenny Chesney rallying the crowd through anthemic sing alongs or Patriots owner Robert Kraft appearing with Super Bowl trophies, concert attendees are bound to see more than what’s advertised.  Prior years have showcased New England sport teams, famous musicians, and other big names.  Not to mention the rest of the bill: multi-platinum, eleven time CMA reciepient, and two time Grammy winning artist Miranda Lambert, fan favorite Sam Hunt, and songwriting specialists Old Dominion.  The day promises to bring a variety of big name faces to the field.  

Traffic Jam Summer Jam

Traffic Jam

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To the residents of Foxboro, MA – sorry!  For NECMF, there’s only one way in and one way out – that’s good old Route One.  As pickup trucks parade through the lanes, other drivers are encouraged to seek alternate roots to their repsective destinations.  Don’t be surprised to be stuck in traffic early afternoon as gates open and again around midnight when the performances concludes.  If you’ve ever been stuck in Country Fest traffic, you’ll know that it’s not all sit and wait.  There’s a lot of comotion happening between drivers as they anticipate the day that awaits.  From car karaoke to stoplight high fives, it’s the one time Masshole drivers are friends in traffic.

Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions

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Coming to the event is a big time summer tradition for many.  It’s an ideal way to bid summer adieu all the while celebrating friendship and country music.  Expect to bump into many diverse friend circles – you’ll probablly into your hygienist or car salesperson in line for the restroom as the event hosts a variety of people from numerous unique backgrounds.

You’ll also witness numerous summer passtimes within the parking lot too.  Cornhole, Kan Jam, and that interesting ‘hammer the nail in the treetruck’ game are just a few activities that will be present as your making your way through.  Is it actually a good idea to mix drinking with a box of nails?  

For more information on the New England Country Music Fest, click HERE.

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