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Watch Here: Kenny Chesney “Setting The World On Fire” With New Music Video

Today is the day Kenny Chesney is “Setting The World Of Fire” with the debut of this new music video for his hit duet with Pink.

The black and white video take place in Los Angeles, CA following the set of lovers enjoying their romantic getaway…doing all the things you would do in LA. Eating Chinese food in their hotel room, taking pictures of the famous landmarks such as La Cienega Blvd…(mentioned in the song) and ending the evening enjoying the city skyline, making love look fabulous all the way through.

With the Spread the Love Tour in full force, I wanted a song that packs all that joy, all that fun, all the energy that love is made of,” he shares. “When I heard ‘Setting the World on Fire,’ I knew it was exactly the song I’d been looking for. Like ‘Somewhere With You,’ there’s an urgency, but this one is ‘in’ the moment — and what a moment it is!”

While Chesney and Pink are not in the video themselves, the video makes sure to “advertise” the duo behind the song. Multiple billboard shots and building posters strategically pop up to bring you back to who is actually singing the country collaboration throughout the video.

Co-written by Ross Copperman, Matt Jenkins and Josh Osborne, “Setting the World on Fire” will be on the setlist for Chesney’s upcoming album, “Cosmic Hallelujah”, which is due out October 28th.

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