The World Premiere is Officially Here – Relive the Moment with Keith Urban’s High-Energy “You Gonna Fly” Official Video

Whoa ! if you weren’t able to be there for Keith Urban’s Get Closer Tour, you sure get a good feel for it here.

If you were lucky enough to be at a concert on Urban’s Get Closer Tour then this seriously will energize you and bring you right back to that night.

“It was just a way for us to capture the tour,” Keith said of the music video. “I think you get a really good sense of what the tour was and what happens on the road, live.”

All right. So the fun in this video is to relive the energy of Keith’s Get Closer Tour and to see how many hidden “You Gonna Fly” lyrics you can find. So let the video begin, the hunt begin and the fun never end … it’s a Keith Urban performance like no other. And aside from the “hidden lyrics” what re-captured my attention was :

  • the intensity of Urban’s physical energy… wow !
  • mezmerizing guitar skills … I’m addicted to watching !
  • his never-ending stage antics and gymnastics … how does he do it !
  • his playfulness … catch the scooter ride !

and a few of my all-time Urban favorites:

  • playing gumby with the microphone … see if you catch him singing upside down !
  • singing, laughing and playing that guitar almost flat on the stage floor … man ! he doesn’t miss a beat either !

Well, this certainly reminds me of the awesome time I had at Keith’s Get Closer Concert and has me looking forward to Gettin Closer to Urban in 2012.

But come on, what about YOU … share with us here, watching Keith’s newly released, high-energy “You Gonna Fly” official video, are you re-living your evening on Keith’s Get Closer Tour  or experiencing it here for the first time? Let’s watch this together and then share some Get Closer Tour memories in the comments below …

Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought. Her pastimes growing up were singing, dancing, writing and plunking out tunes on a little toy piano. Singing "All You Need Is Love", Christine made her debut where most performers get their start - in a little joint called the bathroom. In 2004 she joined the Boston chapter of (NSAI) and studied songwriting. Christine's a bona fide music junkie, toe-tapping even to commercials but "She's Country" at heart. Combining her love of the arts, singing, dancing, songwriting and writing, it's no surprise Christine took to Freelance Writing as a Profession. When Christine's not writing for the entertainment industry she's usually plucking out articles or web writing for the Holistic Health Industry. Christine's also a Master Reiki Practitioner-Teacher of the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki. You can check it all out at her website. And nobody says it like Kenny Chesney, but "She's from Boston" !!! For feedback, information or professional writing services, you can reach Christine at


  1. Hi Christine,

    I don’t think there’s a “correct” answer or a contest of any sort. I think it was just sort of a “fun” thing to do … to bring attention to the fact he was hiding lyrics in the video. You might want to check his facebook page to see if there’s any kind of contest going about the video but I don’t think there is. I didn’t count them all, the video moves too fast. Just fun to see him mixing them in.


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