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Rising Country Star & NBC’s The Voice Contestant, Tawnya Reynolds, Releases Third Album, “8 Track”

Rising Country Star and NBC’s The Voice Contestant, Tawnya Reynolds, released her third album, “8 Track”, on February 1st.

The new album stands as a wonderful showcase of Tawnya’s country roots. “8 Track” contains 8 songs, more than half of which Reynolds co-wrote and co-produced. From the intro love song, “Wander,” to the heartfelt “Southwest,” to the fun-loving good times of “Young As You’ll Ever Be,” the songs encompass a range of feelings with musical styles to match. The lead single, ‘B-Side,’ is already receiving country airplay.

I create with such a variety of writers, and for this album, wanted to say something a bit more personal. When people listen to the album, they can walk away knowing not only who I am as an artist, singer, and writer, but also as a person.”

“8 Track” Complete Track List:Tawnya Reynolds

1. “Wander”

2. “Water Balloons”

3. “Young As You’ll Ever Be”

4.”The B-Side”

5. “Side Effects”

6. “Who Else”

7. “Happy Ever After”

8. “Southwest”

Listen to Tawnya’s album, “8 Track”, HERE.

The talented singer/songwriter has co-written with some of Nashville’s top writers on the new album, including Amber Carrington from Season 4 of The Voice and Cole Wright. Additional top-tier writers co-writing with Reynolds include: Randy Boudreaux, Rachel Bradshaw, Kevin Denney, and Tony Stampley to name a few. She also just recorded a duet with Radney Foster for a Roger Miller Tribute album.

Tawnya, featured on Season 4 of The Voice, where both Adam Levine and Shakira were rushing to push their buttons with her rendition of “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” Usher was also a fan and said he was “impressed by how she could control her voice.”

Now with the completion of her third album, Tawnya continues to play regularly in Nashville, write, and tour the U.S. For more information on Tawnya Reynolds, visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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