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Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen’s ‘Watch This’ Out Today, June 3rd

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen’s live album, ‘Watch This,’ is out today, June 3rd, on Lil’ Buddy Toons…

The 19-track compilation captures the twangy nights of camaraderie from the pair’s “Hold My Beer And Watch This” tours, which they’ve done together for more than a decade. The set list is drawn from Rogers’ and Bowen’s catalogs and from last year’s collaboration record, ‘Hold My Beer: Vol. 1.’

Texas Monthly is saying of the new album…

Rogers and Bowen have an easy chemistry that they’ve honed over nearly a decade of touring together. That helps them flit effortlessly from stage banter to songs about drinking beer, good times, or family drama without ever sounding inconsistent.”

‘Watch This’ Complete Track Listing:Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen

  1. Tonight’s Not the Night ‘Roller Coaster’
  2. Mood Ring ‘Lost Hotel’
  3. Buy Myself A Chance ‘Randy Rogers Band’
  4. Trouble ‘You Had Me At My Best’
  5. Interstate ‘Burning the Day’
  6. Songs About Trucks (iTunes Single)
  7. In My Arms Instead ‘Randy Rogers Band’
  8. You Had Me At My Best ‘If We Ever Make It Home’
  9. Too Late For Goodbye ‘Burning the Day’
  10. Whataburger
  11. West Texas Rain ‘Wade Bowen’
  12. Fuzzy ‘Trouble’
  13. Things I Could Do ‘Try Not to Listen’
  14. Satellite ‘Homemade Tamales’
  15. One Step Closer ‘Lost Hotel’
  16. Kiss Me In the Dark ‘Just A Matter of Time’
  17. Who I Am ‘Blue Light Live’
  18. She’s Gonna Run ‘Homemade Tamales’
  19. Saturday Night ‘The Given’

For upcoming tour dates and more information on Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen visit their website at

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