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Joshua James “Build Me This”

Joshua James—Build Me This—Intelligent Noise—2009 Yes, I know it’s hard to get past that album cover. Is that Noxema? Has he rolled himself in flour? If this reverse minstrelsy? Is he covering his face with curdled milk like Halle in Beloved? Or is he just trying to illustrate that he’s more tortured by the burden […]

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Album Review: James Hand–Shadow on the Ground

James Hand—Shadow on the Ground—Rounder–2009 James Hand is countrier than you. In fact, he was country before (and while and after) country was cool—the 57-year-old has been playing his point-blank honky-tonk in Texas roadhouses since he was in his teens, and now, four decades on, he is a beloved, Willie Nelson-endorsed local legend. For 35 of […]

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Live chat with smokin’ hot sarah darling

NASHVILLE — August 21, 2009 — This coming Tuesday, August 25, Black River artist SARAH DARLING will be conduction a live, on-line chat for her fans. The chat will take place at 7:00 PM (Central) on Darling’s StickAm page. Fans can connect via Questions are now being accepted at

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