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JT Hodges Releases Fan Voted “Sleepy Little Town” as Next Single

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JT Hodges Releases Fan Voted “Sleepy Little Town” as Next Single

JT Hodges made his country music radio debut with “Hunt You Down” followed by “Goodbyes Made You Mine”. And when it came time to release the third single from JT’s recently released, self-titled debut album, JT put that decision in the hands of his fans.

So what did JT Hodges’ fans chose for the artist’s third radio release?

“Sleepy Little Town was far and away the winner in the fan poll” Show Dog – Universal Music reports.

Penned by Chris Stapleton and Lee Thomas Miller, “Sleepy Little Town” was released to radio on September 10, 2012 and JT shares:

“It’s a very metaphorical song. I’m real excited about the song. It’s like a six o’clock news story… there are three simple stories within the choruses, just talking about what can and does sometimes go down in a sleepy little town.”

Back on my album review of JT’s self-titled debut I commented that :

“Sleepy Little Town” is good ol’ fashioned country music storytelling at its finest. Each verse will leave you more in awe than the one before and the last one will leave you in chills. No spoiler here … you just gotta buy the album for this one.”

Well, I guess the fans agreed and “Sleepy Little Town” is now at radio so be sure to call your station and request airplay. And pickup or download a copy of JT Hodges delightful self-titled debut album to hear not only “Sleepy Little Town” but track after track of phenomenal country stories, vocals and sound. And you can catch a live performance of Sleepy and the rest of JTs stellar singing and songwriting at one of JT’s tour stops.

Watch as JT performs and talks about hoping he can do “Sleepy Little Town” justice

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