JT Hodges Covers Garth Brooks’ Classic “The Dance”

In the spirit of St. Valentine, JT Hodges graciously gave away a FREE acoustic performance cover of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance”.

The song is such a classic in Garth’s catalog that I give JT a professional nod for daring to pick his version of this breathtaking ballad and indeed not “miss the dance.”

Acoustic versions always touch my heart. A guitar, a thought, a vocal, an artist – it’s magic – a thought unobstructed. The rawness of black and white photography has always moved me as it invites the heart, soul and imagination to do what it will, to see things on its own.

In Hodges’ cover of “The Dance” he combines all of that – an acoustic guitar, whiskey-soaked vocals, black and white photography – and delivers a riveting rendition of this timeless tale.

And while JT did offer up “The Dance” cover video as a special Valentine treat to his fans, be sure to tune in and share it daily with someone you love, as both the song, the artist and the message endure.

Yes, our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss The Dance.

JT Hodges’ Performance of Garth Brooks’ The Dance:

Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought. Her pastimes growing up were singing, dancing, writing and plunking out tunes on a little toy piano. Singing "All You Need Is Love", Christine made her debut where most performers get their start - in a little joint called the bathroom. In 2004 she joined the Boston chapter of (NSAI) and studied songwriting. Christine's a bona fide music junkie, toe-tapping even to commercials but "She's Country" at heart. Combining her love of the arts, singing, dancing, songwriting and writing, it's no surprise Christine took to Freelance Writing as a Profession. When Christine's not writing for the entertainment industry she's usually plucking out articles or web writing for the Holistic Health Industry. Christine's also a Master Reiki Practitioner-Teacher of the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki. You can check it all out at her website. And nobody says it like Kenny Chesney, but "She's from Boston" !!! For feedback, information or professional writing services, you can reach Christine at thewritecopywriter@gmail.com

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