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Florida Georgia Line Launch Tree Vibez Music…From An Actual Treehouse

You know how sometimes you treat your lawn with fertilizer only to realize that along with lush, verdant grass you have also fostered weeds, and now the weeds are reproducing. There once was a cantankerous weed called Florida Georgia Line, and we, by virtue of radio play and loads of cash, have fertilized it.

Last week Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard announced their nascent publishing company Tree Vibez Music. The two have not yet announced whether members will be required to purchase their own True Religion vest. Naming the company after his custom treetop recording studio, built by Pete Nelson for the show Treehouse Masters, Kelley says, “We want to have a Treehouse studio full of wizards bringing fresh sounds to your speakers.”

Tree Vibez Music logo2The bronamic duo is doing just that with their first signing; producer, engineer, songwriter, Jordan Schmidt. “He is a game changer in music and has the unique ability to write at least five songs a week across five different genres”, shared Kelley. “He fits right in. His radio tracks are slammin’”. Dammit, you almost had me Brian. “He fits right in?” You guys fancy yourselves that good, huh? Humility…that’s slammin’.

Hubbard adds, “We are excited to sign more writers/artists/producers that want to come create and dream with us.” Let me translate that for you guys outside Nashville, “We are excited to sign all of our friends to our label so our product remains perpetually unchanged”.

I know, I know. I am laying in a little hard on the guys. They have a number of good songs and admittedly changed country radio. Can we change it back now? Of course this is all in jest. Anyone out there making their art is living the dream. So, Brian and Tyler, with that said, can I send you some of my stuff?


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