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Curtis Braly Debuts Powerful New Single “Love You Down”

Curtis Braly

Curtis Braly showcases his smooth and powerful vocals with this new single “Love You Down”. Like a ray of sunshine through the pitch black of night, Curtis’ performance will capture the heart of listeners. He has an amazing way of conveying the emotions that stem from the downturns that life can bring one you care about.

digitalart-singleThere are times in life when circumstances can bring you to your breaking point and put you on the ledge of no return but in this latest single, “Love You Down,” Curtis reminds us it’s ok to feel unsteady but relying on the ones who love you can bring you back to solid ground.

The hit single “Love You Down” by Curtis Braly has also been added to ‘Sort Hits’ during 2016 as a new Country single release.

Offering a taste of what’s to come from his new CD “You Matter”, scheduled to be released in September 2016 release, the single is gaining early welcome and applause from country radio and its listeners.

Curtis is warm & personable whether you are one on one at the radio station, or at one of his concerts. You feel like he’s talking to and singing just for you,” stated Heather Gabriel, Radio Host Hot Artists, KPFT-FM

While continuing to put energy into his musical dream, Curtis landed a job at The New 93Q Country Radio station in Houston, Texas. Not only did Curtis get the exposure to yet another facet of the country music industry but he was also afforded the opportunity to be the opening act for Country Artist, Daryl Singletary. That led to another engagement as the opening act for Johnny Rodriguez. Both engagements played to over 5000 country music fans.

A fellow worker from 93Q passed the word on to a friend in Nashville that Curtis Braly was a talented artist in the making & that led him to award-winning songwriter, Randy Boudreaux. After working in the studio with Randy, Curtis was encouraged to spend more of his time in Music City. Since then, Curtis has appeared on a multitude of televised shows, been interviewed by TV & Radio personalities, written about in several print media & recently named IMEA’s 2014 Country Male Artist of the Year.

Braly’s outgoing personality and his ability to tell a story through music has won over the hearts and ears of many. In 2014 Curtis landed a major endorsement deal with RWB Vodka, a premium American made vodka. With this partnership & a new project set to release in early 2015, the excitement continues to build.

After many expected obstacles in the road to success, Curtis is now full speed ahead. He is determined now, more than ever, to take music fans on an exciting ride!

For more information on Curtis Braly visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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