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Chelsea Gill Spreads Self Love In New Music Video

Country singer-songwriter Chelsea Gill recently released the music video for her new single “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”!

To bring this heartwarming clip to life Gill once again teamed up with director J. Lockhart to shed a light on how easy it is to pass our insecurities onto those around us, and encourages us to explore whatever it is that makes us unique. It was premiered on which was co-founded by Ashton Kutcher and features stories that make a difference and create positive change in the world.

Of course we all have things we want to change about ourselves, but in general I do feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. I’m not a size 0. Heck, I’m not a size 2 either.” Gill continued, “I’m in my late 20s and still fight breakouts. I have cellulite. I have wrinkles. And some days I feel gross in any outfit I put on. But I know that none of those little imperfections change my identity or worth. I feel strong, I feel confident, and I’m proud of who I am,” Gill told about her own struggles with body image.

With all the emotion of a folk singer‐songwriter and the catchy sensibilities of today’s pop performers, Chelsea Gill has carved out her own brand of country that is both unique and reminiscent of the artists she listened to growing up.

Performing and writing songs from a young age, Gill’s journey eventually led her into concert lighting design where she found herself lighting the stage for some of her childhood heroes like Sara Evans and Lee Ann Womack.

Incredibly inspired by the artists she saw onstage, Gill knew that was where she belonged and released her debut self-titled EP in April of 2016.

To find out more about Chelsea Gill, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Check out Chelsea’s new video for “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” here:


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