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Aaron Watson Releases Newest Single “Getaway Truck”

Aaron Watson releases the newest track, “Getaway Truck”, from his latest album, “The Underdog.” The single combines Watson’s high-energy style with his captivating vocals and lyrics that fans can relate to and creates a hit that is guaranteed to grab your attention the first time you hear it.

Getaway-TruckWatson sings about wanting to be with his love with the fiddle and banjo arrangement that sets the tone perfectly. The track’s upbeat sound and carefree feel seems like something that was plucked right out of the 1990’s mainstream, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Although feels like a throwback in the best way possible, the song still has a fresh and fun feeling.

I wanna set your heart free, ride with me,” Watson pleads in the chorus. “I wanna be your getaway, heart free, ride with me, I wanna be your getaway truck.”

Although this new single from “The Underdog” is one of the more radio-friendly tracks on the album, it may have to fight to earn its spot on mainstream country stations. Watson’s refined country sound holds onto a little bit of grit, just enough to separate him from others from the Lone Star State. “Getaway Truck” is a straight-forward country rock song sung with plenty of Texas twang.

Listen to Aaron Watson, “Getaway Truck” here:


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