A Drunk Driver Changed Singer/Songwriter Billy Wilkerson’s Life – Forever. And for $.99 YOU Can Help Him Put it Back Together


On July 31, 2011, a drunk driver changed Billy Wilkerson’s life forever.
Watch his road to recovery here.


Whitestone Motion Pictures, a boutique film company, released its latest short film, “Jack and The Dustbowl” online recently.

The film tells the story of a family overcoming extraordinary obstacles during incredibly tough times. The Whitestone family had their own extraordinary obstacles to overcome. The Brothers Bright is the writing duo responsible for every song in every Whitestone film produced. Composer/Songwriter Nick Kirk and Singer/Songwriter Billy Wilkerson have written together for 15 years and 8 years for Whitestone Motion Pictures. On July 31, 2011, Billy Wilkerson along with best friend Ron Baily, Jr. were struck by a drunk driver in Decatur, GA. Both were hospitalized with Severe Traumatic Brain damage. Billy was in a coma for over a week. Ron remains in a coma to this day. Billy has undergone over nine surgeries, ranging from facial reconstruction to tracheostomy.

After 16 days in the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital, Billy was transferred to the Shepherd Center for rehabilitation where he remained for four weeks. After a miraculous recovery, Billy was able to go home. Family and friends feared Billy may have lost his ability to write and sing due to the traumatic brain injury and tracheostomy, but with the encouragement of his wife, Jill Wilkerson, Billy called Nick Kirk to try. In December 2011, just months after his nearly life-ending accident, Billy and Nick wrote the song Around The Bend. Billy recorded all the vocals with his tracheostomy tube still installed. The song is featured on Jack and The Dustbowl and is on sale on iTunes.

Billy had his last surgery on January 19th, 2012 and will soon have his tracheostomy tube removed. Currently, the Wilkerson family is nearly a million dollars in medical debt. Billy hopes that his story can encourage 1 million people to buy “Around the Bend” by the Brothers Bright on iTunes.

For further information, contact Billy Wilkerson at 678-779-6448.


Click here to buy “Around the Bend” for $.99

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